Cupping is the method of using glass cups to create localized circulation by a vacuum, and forcing blood and lymph flow where the area is blocked or deficient. The Chinese have been doing this since ancient times by using heat to create the suction action of the glass or bamboo cups. This vacuum effect causes the blood to flow to the area in need of help and healing

 The lympatic system, which is closely linked with the immune system, helps to clear the body of harmful metabolic waste products, foreign material, and cell debris. Every cell in our bodies release metabolic waste products into, and takes up nutrients from a surrounding solution called the extracellular fluid. Cellular nourishment and efficiency depends on how fast and how completely waste material is removed from the extracellular fluid. The meridians are one of several pathways for toxins released from the extracellular fluid to exit the body. Capillaries and lymphatic channels will also pick up toxins and carry them to the liver and kidneys, where they will be detoxified and/or excreted.

 Cupping reduces general aches and pains in our bodies. In alternative medicine, pain is believed to be caused by imbalance in energy and blood flow. This can be related to stress in the body, imbalances of hormones and fluids, lack of blood flow, and temperature in the muscles and joints. When a cup is place on or around a problem area, the pull of the cup creates warmth and circulation in the area. As soon as the cups are released, the pain will be reduced.

 Cupping has many benefits. It is used mostly for tight shoulders, neck and back pain, pain in the shoulder joint and arms, knee and leg pain, increasing immunity and getting over flu and colds in record time, loosening any tight muscle, relaxation, fatigue, uncontrolled muscle spasms, as well as cellulite control and weight reduction, etc

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